Week 9

Week 9 – Friday 27th October 2017

 Hi there!

It’s almost Hallowe’en and that spooky feeling was certainly evident in the College yesterday - with exquisite Pumpkin designs, very edible buns with ghostly features for the Bake sale, hallowe’en decorations (black bin bags are so versatile) and the film event for Years 8 & 9 in the afternoon – all very enjoyable activities.

It has been a very hectic week as usual with terrific success on the sporting field for Year 10 Loch an Iuir and the U-18 MacLarnon Teams. Not to be outdone, the U-16 girls had a very triumphant win against Sacred Heart, Newry and indeed 2 x Year 11 girls have made it through to the next round of the All – Stars Awards – well done to all Teams and your coaches. 


It was lovely to welcome our Primary Principals to the College on Monday morning to meet their past P7 pupils and have a chance to catch up.  It also provided our visitors with the opportunity to visit Year 8 classrooms and see the work which the pupils were carrying out.


I attended a lovely Remembrance Mass for Mr Devlin (RIP)on Tuesday morning.  It was a celebration of Tony’s life and how he promoted every opportunity for the pupils within his care. Later that same evening, I attended Mass for Fr Tremer, again a celebration of his 10 years in Cookstown Parish.  Fr Tremer was Chair of the College Board of Governors and I am very appreciative of his spiritual guidance and support during my time here in the College.


Assessment week has finished and the majority of pupils have received very encouraging marks / grades – well done everyone!.  A huge thanks to all our Parents / Guardians for a very positive and successful Year 12, 13 and 14 Parent Teacher meeting today.  This is a very pressurising time for all pupils preparing for GCSE and GCE Examinations and the demands of Coursework, Controlled Assessments, portfolio assignments, practicals, exam questions, revision etc seems to grow every year.  Boys and Girls, please look after yourselves to keep a healthy and positive mind.  Talk to someone if you need advice no matter how small the problem!  Key to our success is the excellent 3-way partnership involving the school, pupils and parents.  We all rely on each other to keep the support and the momentum going. Thanks also to the Heads of Year - Mr Mc Gartland, Mrs Lagan, Mrs Maynes; Heads of Key Stage - Mrs Magee and Mrs Quinn, and all the staff for investing so much time with Years 12,13 and 14.  It is very much appreciated and we know there will be positive results in August 2018.



I have almost finished meeting with a range of staff this month who have key areas of responsibility in the College and amongst our discussions are Pupil progress, Exam results, Action Plans and strategies for improvement.  These meetings are invaluable and I express my thanks to all staff as they work extremely hard in or out of the classroom to ensure that each child achieves the best that he or she can. Everyone works over and above what is required and employs many different strategies to ensure that pupils succeed – I very much appreciate everyone’s efforts.


Finally, may I take this opportunity to thank all our parents and guardians for their on-going support. The College will be closed next week as pupils and staff avail of a very well deserved break.  School will reopen for everyone on Monday 6th November. 


   Have a Safe and Happy Halloween


Isabel Russell





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