Week 18

 Week 18 – Friday 12th January 2018

 Gosh, that was a very busy week, and I must congratulate all of Year 12 whose attitude and application to GCSE Modules all week long was impeccable.

The same applies for Sixth Form students who also sat Exams.  I am sure the results will also be pleasing.  And on that note, Congratulations to Year 12 who received their Science GCSE Modular results from the November series – great success, and these results will complement all that you are entered for in May/June.  Congratulations also must go to your Science teachers for their on-going hard work in the Science Department, and to your parents for supporting you along the way - well done everybody!


Our theme this week is on Positive Mental Health so a number of organisations have visited the school to address mental health issues, and the need to speak out and seek help and support.  “You, yourself, as much as anybody in the universe, deserve your love and affection” is our pupil focus for this week and it is very true!


Well done to 8CMO on achieving top points in our Reward Programme for Term 1 – and what a brilliant day they had on Wednesday at the Ice Rink in Dundonald.


You may notice that our website has been closed - this is due to ongoing work behind the scenes to revamp and update it.  It should be up and running again very soon.


Next week will be extremely busy as well for everyone – P7 Taster Days on Monday and Tuesday and then the College Open Evening on Thursday 18th January @ 7.00pm. If you intend to visit on Thursday, please be advised to come early to get a seat in the Assembly Hall before embarking on a tour of the many classrooms to see what happens on a daily basis.  We do hope that you will make Holy Trinity College your no.1 choice for the next journey of your education.



Have a great weekend


Isabel Russell  


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