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The Green Flag Theory
 Our school environment was in a very bad state. Then a few years ago a revolution started.
An eco group was formed in school,That led the way, and made GREEN the rule.We needed to change our energy rating from G,This is our plan you see. Maths, Science, History.And all in Holy Trinity,Will help us win the GREEN FLAG

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2014 Eco School report


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The Pi in the Ski project



The Heads of Department for ICT in both Holy Trinity College and Cookstown High School have came together to provide an opportunity to expose their students to technologies beyond that supported by the current classroom curriculum. As a result of this Mr Johnston and Mr McStocker formed a group named “STEM for Local Schools”. The groups main aims are to develop an insight for young people in to the technologies and creative opportunities now available through new technologies like the Raspberry Pi a credit card sized computer designed to teach students to programme.  The first project entitled “Pi In the Sky” involved launching a Weather Balloon that would reach 100,000 feet with a Payload of A Raspberry Pi computer and a camera to take images of the journey to near space. The Pi Computer and camera are to capture near space images and record data of temperature, altitude and speed by sending information to satellites linked to the internet using on board tracking and transmission devices.



The main aims of the project, involving a total of 12 pupils from across the two schools, is to apply the skills they are learning in different subjects in school and to:

 * Study the science of flight using weather balloons. Payload capacities, lift and atmospheric effects. (Science department)

* Learn coding using python for the Raspberry Pi computer to capture images and data during the flight including the use of radio and GPS transmission technologies. (ICT)

* Creation of a payload container to safely carry equipment and withstand temperatures to -40 degrees Celsius. Design of a power system to last for at least a 6hour flight. ( Technology and Engineering)

* Use GPS tracking of the flight and work out load and lift calculations. (Maths)



The group attained funding from various sponsors including Cookstown District Council, I-Teach, J & K coaches, Digital advertising NI, Sinclair hardware and BOC Gases.



The pupils from both schools began with a combined project planning meeting in early December and work began soon after with the technologies, challenges and problems that had to be solved.  In January a tethered test flight, capturing images over Cooksktown, was carried out and lessons were learnt regarding payload limitations, coding to capture images and the amount of helium needed for adequate lift.


The group were joined by ballooning expert Philip Herron from Cookstown and his expertise was invaluable especially as Philip had carried out similar balloon flights across Europe in recent years. Permission was finally granted by the Civil Aviation Authority for the flight on Saturday the 22nd of March and the launch took place just shortly after 9am from Ballyreagh Industrial Estate on the outskirts of Cookstown and was broadcast live on Radio Ulster.  The group had previously set up a twitter feed and website for the project at  with links to various websites to track the balloon during it’s flight.The balloon rose to a height of 120 000 ft.  (almost 4 times the height of a commercial airline)and temperatures inside the payload fell to -35C.  The camera took a range of fantastic pictures of the earths curvature, a storm over the Isle of Man, Venus, Mars, sunrise and sunset all transmitted to the live image streaming website  The altitude and coordinates were easily tracked using the spacenearus website. The balloon flight path went East across N. Ireland towards the Isle of Man then continued down the Irish sea across the bottom of Ireland and finally landed in the sea off the coast of Co. Kerry at 9.12am approximately 24 hours after its launch.  The information gathered, especially the images some of which can be seen below, are fantastic.  The group are more than happy with the Pi in the Ski project and are planning further tethered balloon launches to take aerial photos of Cookstown and a Pi in the boat project to record data from the Ballinderry river.  Further information and images on the project and up and coming projects is available from the groups website 


Holy Trinity Eco Warriors have teamed up with local company CDE. The company have their global head quarters in Cookstown and specialise in the manufacture of aggregate handling plant and recycling materials plant.

CDENVIRO - Click Here to read article 


The Holy Trinity Eco Warriors teamed up with Cookstown Primary School, Cookstown District Council and ASDA on Friday the 15th of November. All involved carried out a litter pick around the primary school’s grounds and on some of the streets between the two schools.

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Eco Group wins Best Youth Group

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School Report 2013/14 School Reporters are currently working on their reports for this year, check back soon to see their work! The next School Report News Day is on 27th March 2014. 


Our BBC School News Report from March 2013 is Below (published 2pm Thursday 21st March)

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